Silverlight 3: Perspective 3D

Silverlight 3 Beta has been released today. This release includes a number of exciting new features that I want to illustrate with a series of quick samples on my blog. (more info on Silverlight 3 Beta and how to get the bits and tools). The first new feature I want to show is Perspective 3D transformation….


Custom Ink Rendering in Silverlight 2

Drawing ink with the built-in stroke objects works great for handwriting and annotations. In some scenarios, however, you may want something more fancy that takes advantage of Silverlight’s rich graphics capabilities. Creating ink strokes with a customized appearance is fairly straight forward with Silverlight 2. You basically collect StylusPoints in mouse events as usual, but…


Back-of-pen Erasing in Silverlight

As addendum to my previous post Erasing Ink in Silverlight 2 I want to show how to enable back-of-pen erasing for users with a compatible stylus device (e.g. on a Tablet PC or with an external Graphics Tablet). The key that enables this scenario is the StylusDevice.Inverted property. It reports during mouse events whether the front-of-pen (stylus) or back-of-pen (eraser)…


Erasing Ink in Silverlight 2

Another frequently asked question around inking in Silverlight is about erasing Ink strokes after they have been collected or loaded. Unlike WPF or the Tablet SDK for COM & Winforms, Silverlight does not come with controls that have built-in eraser modes in the box. However, with a little bit of code-behind you can implement those…


Silverlight 2 Released - Write On!

Now that Silverlight 2 is released, I finally got around to updating my blog after a long time of silence. For those of you interested in handwriting and Tablet related technologies, I want to start out with a canonical example of a Silverlight 2 Inking application. There have been a couple of OM changes since…


Annotating Video with Ink using Silverlight

Silverlight makes delivering video content in the browser very easy. Silverlight also has ink support built-in. So why not combine these two features to enable some great new scenarios? I have put together a little sample using Silverlight v1.0 to record and play back ink annotations, synchronized with the video playback. Below is the key…


Ink blogging - using Windows Journal and Silverlight Streaming!

Are you using Windows Journal to jot down your thoughts on your Tablet PC? Did you ever wish to publish your handwritten notes to your blog? Here is one way to do this: The TabletPC SDK provides a Journal Reader API that provides access to the content of the .jnt file. Now you can read all…


Silverlight Ink SDK Sample - hosted through Silverlight Streaming

With the ‘Silverlight Streaming’ service you can now invoke a hosted Silverlight application using an IFrame – without any JavaScript! This allows you to embed Silverlight content on sites that do not allow adding JavaScript, as long as they support IFrames. For details refer to this MSDN topic. To demonstrate this great service, I have taken the Silverlight Ink…