Pan Zoom Example

I am hosting this sample here to demonstrate the solution to this forum thread:


Custom Ink Rendering in Silverlight 2

Drawing ink with the built-in stroke objects works great for handwriting and annotations. In some scenarios, however, you may want something more fancy that takes advantage of Silverlight’s rich graphics capabilities. Creating ink strokes with a customized appearance is fairly straight forward with Silverlight 2. You basically collect StylusPoints in mouse events as usual, but…


Back-of-pen Erasing in Silverlight

As addendum to my previous post Erasing Ink in Silverlight 2 I want to show how to enable back-of-pen erasing for users with a compatible stylus device (e.g. on a Tablet PC or with an external Graphics Tablet). The key that enables this scenario is the StylusDevice.Inverted property. It reports during mouse events whether the front-of-pen (stylus) or back-of-pen (eraser)…


Erasing Ink in Silverlight 2

Another frequently asked question around inking in Silverlight is about erasing Ink strokes after they have been collected or loaded. Unlike WPF or the Tablet SDK for COM & Winforms, Silverlight does not come with controls that have built-in eraser modes in the box. However, with a little bit of code-behind you can implement those…


Saving Ink to IsolatedStorage with Silverlight 2

One of the questions I have seen quite a few times in the forums is how to persists (and de-persists) ink in Silverlight 2. Unlike WPF, Silverlight does not support a binary persistence format (ISF), but you can write some code to save and load ink to and from XAML. To demonstrate how to do…


TabletPC Development Gotchas Part 7: Detecting the input device in Silverlight 2

When writing an application that supports multiple input devices (mouse, stylus, touch) it is often neccessary to detect which type of device is sending the input events.Silverlight 1.0 offered a DeviceType property on the StylusInfo object that gets reported in every mouse event. In the Silverlight 2 managed API, you will not find an equivelnt object that…


Silverlight 2 Released – Write On!

Now that Silverlight 2 is released, I finally got around to updating my blog after a long time of silence. For those of you interested in handwriting and Tablet related technologies, I want to start out with a canonical example of a Silverlight 2 Inking application. There have been a couple of OM changes since…


Ink in Silverlight 2 (Beta 1)

I am very excited to write my first blog post about Silverlight 2 today, the project I am currently working on. In early March 2008 we shipped a public Beta for Silverlight 2 that you can download (along with all the neccessary tools) from Today I want to introduce you to using Ink in your…