Ink Reflections – in Silverlight

I have received several question from folks about my earlier post on Ink Reflections in WPF. People were curious how to accomplish the same or a similar effect in Silverlight, in the absence of the VisualBrush object.

Clearly, WPF's VisualBrush is the main object that enables scenarios like this and it definitely makes their implementation straightforward. However, in Silverlight you can also accomplish effects like this with little bit of extra coding.

First of all, Silverlight has an ImageBrush and a VideoBrush, so as long as the visul you want to mirror is an image or a video, you can apply the same technique as used in my WPF sample and you are done.

If you want to mirror a different type of visual, you will have to manage the mirror yourself, meaning you have to create a secondary, mirrored visual and update it whenever the original changes.

I have created a sample that demonstrates both techniques together. The yellow background with silver border is an image that gets mirrored using an ImageBrush. The ink you draw (and erase) gets mirrored programmatically using some JavaScript code-behind.

The sample's source code is attached. A live version, hosted via Silverlight Streaming, is included below for you try out.

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