Annotating Video with Ink using Silverlight

Silverlight makes delivering video content in the browser very easy. Silverlight also has ink support built-in. So why not combine these two features to enable some great new scenarios? I have put together a little sample using Silverlight v1.0 to record and play back ink annotations, synchronized with the video playback. Below is the key…


Slide decks from my Oredev sessions

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at the Oredev conference in Malmo, Sweden. Thank you also for all the great questions and feedback after the sessions – much appreciated! I have attached my slide decks to this post for those who are interested. Some of the demos that I coded or showed during the sessions…


Off to Oredev

Just a quick note: I am on my way to Oredev conference. I’ll be presenting the following two talks there: Introduction to application development with WPF and Silverlight for TabletPCs and UMPCs Advanced application development with WPF and Silverlight for TabletPCs and UMPCs I’ll post slide decks and demos here after I those presentations.


Ink blogging – using Windows Journal and Silverlight Streaming!

Are you using Windows Journal to jot down your thoughts on your Tablet PC? Did you ever wish to publish your handwritten notes to your blog? Here is one way to do this: The TabletPC SDK provides a Journal Reader API that provides access to the content of the .jnt file. Now you can read all…


Fun with Ink & XAML Part4: WPF BitmapEffects applied to Ink

Want to create some fancy looking handwritten text or drawing? Tweaking the standard DrawingAttributes on an ink stroke won’t get you very far – and creating a custom ink renderer is a lot of work. Why not just apply some of the WPF BitmapEffects to your ink. All you need to do is add a…


TabletPC Development Gotchas Part4: Semantics of GetSystemMetrics(SM_TABLETPC)

If your application needs to find out at runtime whether or not it runs on a Tablet PC, it is recommended to call GetSystemMetrics() and pass in the value ‘SM_TABLETPC’. But what does it actually mean for a computer to be a Tablet PC? Is that determined by the installed hardware components? Or the software components? All of…


Silverlight Ink SDK Sample – hosted through Silverlight Streaming

With the ‘Silverlight Streaming’ service you can now invoke a hosted Silverlight application using an IFrame – without any JavaScript! This allows you to embed Silverlight content on sites that do not allow adding JavaScript, as long as they support IFrames. For details refer to this MSDN topic. To demonstrate this great service, I have taken the Silverlight Ink…


Fun with Ink & XAML Part3: Ink Data Binding

Data binding in WPF provides a great way for applications to present and interact with data. Elements can be bound to data from a variety of data sources – for example XML files. I have put together a sample that uses data binding to retrieve a collection of handwritten ink documents from a data store (XML…


TabletPC Development Gotchas Part3: Coerce to Factoid (XP vs. Vista)

If you are writing (or maintaining) and application that uses handwriting recognition, please be aware of a subtle behavior difference between XP and Vista when coercing the recognition result to a Factoid (or an input scope or a word list). This may easily be missed in your application testing, but it will potentially result in…