Silverlight Ice Skaters – a Holiday Greetings eCard

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have created a little eCard using the Silverlight v1.0 SDK. Use the buttons to add ice skaters and falling snow to the scene 🙂 Have a wonderful Holiday and a happy New Year 2008!   P.S. I am using the Silverlight Streaming Service to host the eCard. If you like it, you…


TabletPC Development Gotchas Part 6: InkCanvas Element Selection/Move/Resize

WPF’s InkCanvas element provides a lot of built-in functionality for several common, ink-related tasks like stylus gesture recognition, point and stroke erase, as well as the selection, resizing and moving of ink strokes. The key to those features is the ‘EditingMode’ property – which is nicely demonstrated in the InkCanvas EditingModes SDK sample (btw, it also demonstrates an implementation of an Undo/Redo…


Snipping Pictures with Silverlight

One of my favorite tools on the Tablet PC is the ‘Snipping Tool’. I have been using it frequently since the early XP days (back then we shipped it seperately as a Power Toy). Now in Vista, it’s part of the main OS and I find myself using it quite often event on my desktop PC….


Ink Reflections – in Silverlight

I have received several question from folks about my earlier post on Ink Reflections in WPF. People were curious how to accomplish the same or a similar effect in Silverlight, in the absence of the VisualBrush object. Clearly, WPF’s VisualBrush is the main object that enables scenarios like this and it definitely makes their implementation straightforward. However, in…

Rendering ink and image to a bitmap using WPF

To follow-up on my previous blog post and to complete the story about rendering ink onto pictures and saving the results as a bitmap file, I want to show how this is done in WPF. In WPF all rendering uses the pipeline – pictures, videos, ink, text, all gets rendered via WPF’s ‘Media Integration Layer’. As…


TabletPC Development Gotchas Part 5: Rendering ink and image to a bitmap using Winforms

Annotating pictures with handwriting or drawings is a fun and useful scenario for digital ink. In many cases the application user wants to create a new image file with the ink annotation “burnt” into the picture, so they can use the result of their work in other contexts and with other applications (e.g. attach the…


Annotating Video with Ink using Silverlight

Silverlight makes delivering video content in the browser very easy. Silverlight also has ink support built-in. So why not combine these two features to enable some great new scenarios? I have put together a little sample using Silverlight v1.0 to record and play back ink annotations, synchronized with the video playback. Below is the key…


Slide decks from my Oredev sessions

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at the Oredev conference in Malmo, Sweden. Thank you also for all the great questions and feedback after the sessions – much appreciated! I have attached my slide decks to this post for those who are interested. Some of the demos that I coded or showed during the sessions…


Off to Oredev

Just a quick note: I am on my way to Oredev conference. I’ll be presenting the following two talks there: Introduction to application development with WPF and Silverlight for TabletPCs and UMPCs Advanced application development with WPF and Silverlight for TabletPCs and UMPCs I’ll post slide decks and demos here after I those presentations.