WP7 Mango: Image Download With Custom Referer Header

In Mango we have enabled setting the referer header (and many other headers) on HttpWebRequests. One question that popped up a few times: how do I use this with the Image element and data-binding to download my images. Here is a quick sample to demonstrate how you can do this. 1. Step: define a custom attached property…

Demos from my MIX 2011 session – Part 1: Navigation Tips

I have attached the first of the demos from my MIX 2011 session. Note that I have attached two versions: the ‘before’ version to illustrate the problems, and the ‘after’ version to show the fixes. This post will walk you through each of the tips and describes the code changes being made: Tip 1: Circular…

MIX 2011: My Windows Phone 7 Session

I just got back from Las Vegas where I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the MIX 2011 conference. A recording of my session can be viewed here on Channel9: Expert Lessons: Top Tips for Building a Successful Windows Phone Application  I had a great time at MIX and I am very excited about…

Image Tips for Windows Phone 7

If you are developing for Windows Phone you have probably been using the the Image element in various places of your UI already. Using the Image element is very easy and wouldn’t warrent a blog post: just set the Source property to the URI of your image and you are done, right? Yeah, pretty much – however, there are a couple…

A (slightly) new direction

For the last 18 months I have been (and I still am) working on an exciting new project: Silverlight for Windows Phone 7. I haven’t had much of a chance to continue my posts about Silverlight, Tablet PC etc., but I am planning pick this up again now and post some hopefully useful tips and samples here….

Silverlight 4 OOB – Handwriting Recognition & Text-To-Speech

I have been sitting on this sample for quite a while, but never found the time to get it ready for a post. Before I switch the focus of my blog over to Windows Phone 7 development, I wanted to get this out of the way first 🙂 With Silverlight 4, we introduced an exciting…

Silverlight 3: Perspective 3D

Silverlight 3 Beta has been released today. This release includes a number of exciting new features that I want to illustrate with a series of quick samples on my blog. (more info on Silverlight 3 Beta and how to get the bits and tools). The first new feature I want to show is Perspective 3D transformation….


Pan Zoom Example

I am hosting this sample here to demonstrate the solution to this forum thread:http://silverlight.net/forums/p/51139/134135.aspx   SilverlightApplication39.zip


Custom Ink Rendering in Silverlight 2

Drawing ink with the built-in stroke objects works great for handwriting and annotations. In some scenarios, however, you may want something more fancy that takes advantage of Silverlight’s rich graphics capabilities. Creating ink strokes with a customized appearance is fairly straight forward with Silverlight 2. You basically collect StylusPoints in mouse events as usual, but…


Back-of-pen Erasing in Silverlight

As addendum to my previous post Erasing Ink in Silverlight 2 I want to show how to enable back-of-pen erasing for users with a compatible stylus device (e.g. on a Tablet PC or with an external Graphics Tablet). The key that enables this scenario is the StylusDevice.Inverted property. It reports during mouse events whether the front-of-pen (stylus) or back-of-pen (eraser)…