CRM – Azure Service Endpoint and Listener Deep Dive : Common Mistakes and Questions

This blog took me quite some time and is not one of my typical blogs. This is completely based on my experience setting up CRM-Azure integrations for my customers and the pain they have gone through and so did I 😉 As you know, CRM has an out of the box integration with Azure – via…


CRM 2013/2015 – New Security role from Ground Zero

Never really wanted to create a new security role from ground up right? Me neither. Always got the “Insufficient Permissions error” But I came across these situations where some of my customers were creating New security roles, from scratch, and setting up permissions on entities. But that never worked. It’s only because there are a…


CRM Online Email Server Profile – AutoDiscover issues

CRM Online supports Server side synchronization with Exchange Online. As long as Exchange online and CRM online are on the same O365 tenant, the connection will work. Make sure you have that setup first, before you try to connect Exchange Online for email sync. If you go to setting up an Email Server profile for…


Snooping into Lync Server and Logging

So I am a developer person and never really had to get into logging on server side stuff when errors come up. But I was working on this Lync custom development project and got stuck with issues coming up from the Conferencing server while using UCMA 3.0. So here it goes. If you’ve been stuck…


Lync 2010 Custom status messages not appearing

Sometimes when you add new status messages to your Lync server, you may not just see it correctly on your Lync client easily. The procedure for adding new status messages is the XML which has the statuses and then setting that XML file as global policy for all the clients connecting to that Lync server 1….


Dynamics CRM 2011 Online vs On-Premise

Now that we have a full fledged version of CRM 2011 out with CRM online and on-premise , I have been reading and learning the differences between the two. These are some of the points based on some research i’ve done and it could help in understanding when to go for Online or On Premise….


What’s so great about moving to the CRM Cloud!

Gartner or Forrester and other research organizations would tell you that probably about between 20- 30 per cent of business in the CRM category is in cloud delivered applications today. Over time there will be increasing Software plus Services (S+S) or Cloud penetration in all segments of the business. For small businesses especially they’re less…


CRM Timer for the Case entity

One of the features that we don’t have in the case entity is a timer field to log the amount of time spent on a particular case. Everytime you open the case entity you would have some amount of time spent on the case and would need to track it for billing or just tracking…


Real time data streaming from WCF to Excel using a Macro

I had come across this scenario with one of my customers. It was pretty challenging at first to figure out the best way to get this done, but eventually it seemed simple enough. Scenario: The customer has a web application talking to a SQL server database and they have a WCF service hosted which is…


Windows Server AppFabric Hosting Dashboard for monitoring

One amazing thing you get to use with Windows Server AppFabric is the Dashboard feature. It allows you to monitor your services hosted on the cluster. Though it doesn’t show you anything about your cache items, it still helps in monitoring your hosted services. You can view all your service instances, the requests and calls made…