How to download or view SharePoint Online Search Crawl Logs using Security & Compliance Center

About 2 years back I wrote this article on ‘How to View SharePoint Online Crawl Logs in Office 365’. Things change quickly in Office 365 for good reasons. If you don’t know it already, you will no longer be able to create new eDiscovery cases in SharePoint Online which essentially makes my article obsolete. Regarding…


Office 365 CDN – Preview vs General Availability

Office 365 CDN which provides a way to configure a SharePoint Document Library as a CDN is now Generally Available. The preview was released few months back and if customers already using it while in Preview must know that the PowerShell commands and the way this works has changed a lot in General Availability. With…


SharePoint: Best practices for uploading more than 5000 items to a library/list (aka large lists)

Requirement: Store thousands of documents in SharePoint Online (or on-premises) document library without facing any threshold (5000 item limit) issues. This post is assuming that you either have a bulk of documents to be uploaded along with the metadata (in a CSV file) or expect the library to grow in thousands. So prepare for that….


Office Dev PnP PowerShell and the clash with Get-SPOSite cmdlet

Office Dev PnP PowerShell library provide a number of useful commandlets that comes handy when administering SharePoint Online. As per the instructions on GitHub, you could easily install Office Dev PnP PowerShell cmdlets by running below PowerShell command: Install-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline If this works without any issue then you are good and you can start using the…


Site Collection Administrators – SharePoint Online vs On-Premises

SharePoint Online                 Primary Site collection Admin                                 SPSite.Owner returns the Primary Site Collection Administrator. This is a single user property. Below is sample CSOM code: $owner = $site.Owner $Context.Load($owner) $Context.ExecuteQuery() Write-Host $owner.LoginName                 Site collection Admins In SPO, we are allowed to add multiple users as Site Collection Administrators. This can be done…


SharePoint Online Page Layout Pages with Summary Links – Error while executing the web part

You have a page that is based on page layouts that contains summary link web parts or the field control. And when you edit the page properties, you will see an error for the summary links web part or the field control section something like below: “Error while executing the web part” along with a correlation…


Deploy Remote Event Receiver without using add-in or app (without using AppInstalled event to be precise)

UPDATED (3/31/2017): Added links to GitHub projects/source code. See at the end of this article. You still need to create a dummy app(cliend id/secret creating an app principal) or install a provider hosted add-in/app that acts as a placeholder (dummy). More details below. Below article is based on my work on SPonline (not on-premises). How does remote…


Office 365 Message Center Archive

UPDATE(8/21/2017): This post is no longer up to date. I am no longer archiving the message center messages for many reasons (lack of time and lack of interest from community and lack of need based on search telemetry). I didn’t find an archive of Office 365 message center messages and thus this blog post. I…