Azure-Git deployment: Process ‘git.exe’ aborted due to idle timeout.

Deploying to Windows Azure from Git or Hg repository is very simple.   However, for large repository, the deployment might run into issue with “process aborted due to idle timeout”.   This is due to the newly introduced idle timeout protection.

The goal is to prevent scenarios like buggy custom deployment script that may hang the server process indefinitely.  We introduce a configuration setting called COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEOUT.   Any process has no output activity longer than such period, we will assume it is idle and abort it.

Based on our experience, we picked a default of 3 minutes.   As we got more and more feedback from users, we realized this might be too conservative especially for legitimate large repos.  In the upcoming new release (likely June’13), the default is bumped up to 10mins.

In the meantime, if you were to run into this issue and certain that it was intentional (mostly large repos).  You may increase the value by doing the following.

  1. Logon to Azure Portal
  2. Select your website from a list.  You should land on your site DASHBOARD.
  3. Select CONFIGURE tab.
  4. On the app settings section, add COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEOUT and value in sec (600 below means 10mins etc).   Don’t forget to save it.


Try your scenario again.  If still running into issue, do let us know on our forum.

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  1. Thomas Jespersen says:

    This also works for timeouts for Mercurial deployments.…/azure-website-mercurial-deployment-error

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