Azure-Git deployment: Process ‘git.exe’ aborted due to idle timeout.

Deploying to Windows Azure from Git or Hg repository is very simple.   However, for large repository, the deployment might run into issue with “process aborted due to idle timeout”.   This is due to the newly introduced idle timeout protection. The goal is to prevent scenarios like buggy custom deployment script that may hang the server…


How to solve Azure certificate limit

When establishing the TFS publishing, you may run into the certification limit issues (maximum allowed is 25 certificates per subscription).  The error indicates “Could not obtain an action Azure certificate.  Check if the limit number of the management certificate for your subscription has been hit.”  You may solve it by simply remove one of your…


How to get live traces from Windows Azure

I would like to share with you this new addition to Windows Azure features.  It simply allows you to get a ‘live’ traces from your applications deployed to Windows Azure as WebSites.     Disclaimer Although we have done extensive tests to ensure product quality, it is, as of today (12/19/12), released as a Preview feature. …


WCF Silverlight: Exception and Serialization

Exception is used as a mechanism to report issue by an application.  In WCF webservice implementation, an application may throw exception which will be wrapped with Fault and sends over to the client.  However, if an application chooses to return Exception as parameter instead, the exception needs to be serialized.  I like to describe how…


WCF and Fault

Fault is generally used as a way for webservices to report rich error information to clients who perform webservice call (think .Net exception).  WCF has a rich support for webservice to provide fault information. 1)      Throw typical exception 2)      Throw FaultException 3)      Throw FaultException with strongly-typed detail Note: In either case, this is considered application…


WCF Duplex Channel State and Exception

While testing the Duplex Channel with Callback implementation, I found out how the fault or various exceptions on the callback would affect the Duplex channel state.  1)      Callback implementation received a message with an invalid or an unexpected action.    In this case, Duplex Channel will be closed and can no longer be used for communication….


RemotingException: “All pipe instances are busy.” or “The system cannot find the file specified.”

Today, I ran into an interesting issue.  One of our customers was using the .Net Remoting IPC client in the application communicating with a local service.  The application was configured with impersonation.  The IPC client was simply making multiple calls to the remoting service.  Every now and then, the call failed RemotingException with…


Tutorial: Using Silverlight web service client configuration

Overview Microsoft Silverlight provides a rich platform to write internet applications.  One of its key features is to enable the applications to communicate with the web services.  Microsoft Silverlight Beta1 version was equipped with the web service client stack.  The web service team has recently added web client configuration support (available in Beta2 and later…


X509 and WCF Security

WCF security provides confidentiality and integrity for message exchanges.  We support both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography implementation.  In this blog, I like to discuss WCF security using X509 (asymmetric) specifically.  By the end of this blog, you should be able to answer the following questions.   1) How do I assign the client or service…