NAV Perpetual Licensing – More Limited User Included Tables

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the limited users in NAV can now do more than before!

Download the Licensing guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 here.

 The Limited users have restricted access to the ERP Solution to complete only the following tasks: 

  • “Read” access to any data contained in the ERP solution; and 
  • “Write” access to a maximum of 3 table objects with the following exceptions: 
    • Limited users are not authorized to write directly or indirectly to the following tables: General Ledger Entry (table number 17), Permission Set (table number 2000000004), Permission (table number 2000000005) or Access Control (table number 2000000053); and 
    • Tables described in Appendix A: Limited User Included Tables do not count towards the 3 table objects.

However, with NAV 2016, more tables are added to the list of Limited User Included Tables! Please have a look at the Appendix A: Limited User Included Tables in the licensing guide to see the list of tables.

The good news is, these Limited user included tables are not version specific and hence, these tables are also valid for older versions – NAV 2013 and NAV 2015!

If you/your customer is using NAV 2013/2015, do refresh the license key (Download freshly) from PartnerSource Business Center to enjoy the benefit 🙂

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