SqlDependency changes for RTM

I just posted a blog on our team webpage on the changes in new SqlDependency feature from Beta 2 to RTM. There have been a lot of changes since we shipped in Beta 2. Do let us  know what you think of the new changes. We are looking forward to hear about this.


Getting Notifications to Work.

With good things said about Notification in my previous blog, I will like to take a step further to walk you through some  common issues in setting up this feature. We would need to undestand how notifications internally work to track some of these issues. Lets start with the SqlDependency object. When we create a…


Notification Support in SqlClient Managed Provider

After a brief hiatus, let me start with blogging the new Notification support in SqlClient MP that is introduced in Whidbey. There are scenarios in which an application would store a cache of data obtain from a DB Server and then re-query from the same cache to save round-trips to the server (for better performance). Typically,…