See you at PDC05!

I am here at PDC05, LA represeting the SQL Server team as part of staffing the product pavillion. There is just one word to sum up the level of excitment/ enthusiasm that I feel in the air - WOW! And I have been told that its just starting, with more people coming in for the main event that starts tomorrow, it going to get even better. Imagine that!

This being my first PDC, I am fired up to meet customers and partners.  I just wanted to share some of the DataWorks (my team) activities at PDC:

  • As part of the staff duties, here is the schedule of where you can find me at PDC.
  • Pablo Castro (ADO.Net, technical lead) will be giving an advance talk on ADO.Net. Here is a brief summary of his talk. I did get a sneak peak to his talk and it definetly gives lot of good information. The talk focusses on how the some of the new features in  2.0 can be used in "real" apps when it comes to large data that would make it more performant and scalable.

If you need more information, just drop me a line or see you in LA!



Comments (2)

  1. Eswar says:

    Sushil –

    Hope you had good time at PDC. 😉

    – Es…

  2. sushilc says:

    Eswar, I did have a good time. Its been so long since we met/talked. Should do that some time 🙂

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