Time to resurrect my blog…

Its me again after 4 long year. I have decided to start blogging agian. From the last time I wrote in 2005, there have been multitude of things I have been working. I was working on JDBC driver for SQL Server in 2005-06 and then moved to Entity Framework, which had its first release as…


SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 RTM!

Yes, we have done it! SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 are now released to manufacturing. What this means that we are done with both the products, you can even download the official bits if you have MSDN subscription. More information can be found at http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/ . The official launch of these products will…


SqlDependency changes for RTM

I just posted a blog on our team webpage on the changes in new SqlDependency feature from Beta 2 to RTM. There have been a lot of changes since we shipped in Beta 2. Do let us  know what you think of the new changes. We are looking forward to hear about this.


See you at PDC05!

I am here at PDC05, LA represeting the SQL Server team as part of staffing the product pavillion. There is just one word to sum up the level of excitment/ enthusiasm that I feel in the air – WOW! And I have been told that its just starting, with more people coming in for the main event that…


ConnectionStringBuilder in ADO.Net v2.0 – a Primer

Do you want to know more about ConnectionStringBuilder feature in ADO.Net v2.0? If yes, then look up our team site where I posted a short introduction.


Our team blog is Online

The team in which I work is called DataWorks. I am excited to announce that we as a team have our own Web Log at http://blogs.msdn.com/dataaccess. Check out the message from our PUM (Product Unit Manager) – Alyssa.  Via this blog, we look forward to get feedback from you for the components we release.  Check it out! 


Getting Notifications to Work.

With good things said about Notification in my previous blog, I will like to take a step further to walk you through some  common issues in setting up this feature. We would need to undestand how notifications internally work to track some of these issues. Lets start with the SqlDependency object. When we create a…


Guerrilla SQL Server 2005 class

I happened to go to one of the class from a mentoring company. It was presented by Bob Beauchemin-Niels Berglund-Dan Sullivan. Boy! they were great! I was just in time for the ADO.Net presentation that Bob made. He talked about top 3 features that he liked in ADO.Net1. Provider Factory – He talked at great…


Notification Support in SqlClient Managed Provider

After a brief hiatus, let me start with blogging the new Notification support in SqlClient MP that is introduced in Whidbey. There are scenarios in which an application would store a cache of data obtain from a DB Server and then re-query from the same cache to save round-trips to the server (for better performance). Typically,…


Enumerating SQL Servers

Continuing with the discussion on enumeration, I will go over ways to enumerate active SQL servers on the network in this blog. Pre-Whidbey, to get list of active servers on the network, we could have done Inter-Op calls to server enumeration APIs in OleDb. If we wanted to write only managed code,we could have broad-casted…