Implementing QoS on the Surface Hub

Implementing Quality of Service (QoS) on the Surface Hub


Quality of Service (QoS) is a combination of Network technologies that allows the administrators to optimize the experience of real time Audio/Video and application sharing communications.

Configuring QoS for Skype for Business on the Surface Hub can be done through MDM or through Provisioning Package.

In this article we will focus on the Mobile Device Management (MDM) configuration using Microsoft Intune.

Here are the main steps to follow:


1.You first need to create a custom policy in Intune:


2. Next you can start configuring the source ports for audio, after checking with your Skype administrator:



3. Configure the DSCP marking for audio:



4. Source ports for video:



5. Configure the DSCP marking for video:



6. Then you need to configure the originating process name which for the Surface Hub is Microsoft.PPISkype.Windows.exe, first for audio:



7. The same process needs to be followed for video:



8. After all settings have been configured, your policy should look like this:


Here is a summary of a test policy we created:



Once the policy has been created, make sure it is deployed to the Surface Hub and the Surface Hub has synced the Settings. As reference, please check this article.



A note to this:

Currently you cannot configure the settings IPProtocolMatchCondition. If this parameter is configured, the policy will fail to apply. This is something we are working on and expect to have a fix in the February update. The same update is expected to also fix the issues you might have experienced with applying QoS Settings via Provisioning Package.

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