Planning for the Surface Hub’s Skype for Business client

The Surface Hub administrator's guide provides a general overview of preparing your environment for the Microsoft Surface Hub. That overview details the account settings that must be configured in order to use all of the features of the device. The overview is a general resource however, and does not cover all of the infrastructural needs that may be environment-specific.

With Skype for Business, infrastructural needs are determined by both the workload (1920x1080 video calls, in the Surface Hub case), and the client type. Surface Hub devices come with a built-in Skype for Business client. This client is a Universal Windows Platform app, which is newer than but similar to the Lync Windows Store app.

For on-premises Lync environments, there are 3 documented sets of requirements that apply to this client as used on the Surface Hub. From most to least specific, they are:

For Skype for Business online, autodiscovery and mobility services are already present, but media traffic may require special planning.

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