Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010 – Part 5: SharePoint Foundation Dashboard

In my last post, I covered the topic on creating a team dashboard. Let’s look at the dashboard experience on Windows SharePoint Services / SharePoint Foundation:

  • SharePoint Dashboards
    • SharePoint Server dashboard
      • Out-of-the-box experience
      • Customizing the dashboard
      • Creating a team dashboard
    • Windows SharePoint Services/SharePoint Foundation dashboard

Windows SharePoint Services / SharePoint Foundation dashboard

When integrating TFS with SharePoint Foundation, you get two dashboards:

  • Project Dashboard and
  • My Dashboard

The Project Dashboard includes the burndown and burn rate reports that are SQL Reporting Services reports. In addition, we also have the Team Web Access web parts showing live data like the product backlog items, recent builds & checkins etc. similar to the SharePoint Server dashboards.


And, My Dashboard shows data that is relevant to my work – my tasks, bugs and test cases. As shown before, these web parts are customizable so I can change the query to show data I care about. For example, I can easily change My Bugs web part to show me only priority 1 bugs instead of all bugs.



With this topic I covered out-of-the-box experience with SharePoint Dashboards we have in TFS 2010 including customization. In the next topic, we’ll look at some of the rich new set of SQL Reporting Services reports that are included in the Agile and CMMI templates. If you have questions or feedback please leave me a comment or send me an email at sunder.raman at

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  1. S says:

    What if I didn’t configure TFS2010 to use SharePoint during the initial TFS set up?   I already have an existing SharePoint environment and now want to use it for TFS.   How can I get the team/project dashboard into my SharePoint?


  2. Sunder Raman says:

    You can add SharePoint integration after you install TFS 2010 as well. The following documentation has instructions for enabling this:

    For projects you created on this server when you didn’t have SharePoint integration enabled will not have portal/dashboard. The following post describes how to add this on existing project:

  3. Nupur - Custom WITs and Dashboard says:

    You have shown how to EDIT existing queries and reports but how do I ADD more queries and charts/reports to My and Project dashboards? I have WSS and VS2010. Also, I have created my own templates and WITs. How do I make the burndown and burn rate charts reflect the values from new fields?

    Any info would be helpful, thanks!

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