Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010 – Part 1: Introduction

This is the first chapter in the series on Reporting in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010. In this series, I’ll cover the following topics:

  • Walkthroughs for out-of-the-box experience including customizations
  • Custom report authoring tools and walkthroughs
  • An overview of the reporting architecture

Out-of-the-box, we have several ways to report on the data in TFS to analyze and track project progress, quality and various other metrics:

  • SharePoint Dashboards
    • We have a brand new set of dashboards based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)/SharePoint Server as well as Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)/SharePoint Foundation.
      image  If you choose to integrate TFS with SharePoint Server deployment, then we enable a complete set of rich dashboards using Excel Reports that “light up” with Excel Services and Team Web Access web parts. Since the reports are based on Excel, they are very easy to customize.
      image  If you don’t have SharePoint Server in your deployment or you choose to integrate TFS with WSS/SharePoint Foundation then you still get a set of dashboards with reports and Team Web Access web parts. The reports on these dashboards are SQL Server Reporting Services reports written in Report Definition Language (RDL), so they are not as easy to customize as the Excel reports. The Excel Reports are still available on the SharePoint site, but you don’t get the light up experience since Excel Services isn’t available.

  • Rich SQL Reporting Services (SSRS/RS) Reports
      image We have a whole set of new and improved RS reports, about 16 RDL reports in the MSF for Agile 5.0 template and 15 RDL reports in the MSF for CMMI 5.0 template, providing visibility into bugs, builds, tests etc.

  • Excel Reports from Work Item Queries
      image This is one of the features that lower the barrier to entry in building your own reports that I like to highlight; the ability to generate a report in Excel based on a work item query.

I’ll cover each of these topics with detailed walkthroughs in the next few chapters. If you have questions or feedback please leave me a comment or send me an email at sunder.raman at

Comments (12)

  1. Greg says:

    Can the new dashboards be hosted on SharePoint 2007 using TFS 2010?

  2. Sunder Raman says:

    Hi Greg,

    Yes, we support both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 with TFS 2010. The experience shown here are based on SharePoint 2007.


  3. Hello,

    I have failed in two different scenarios to display any reports via Excel Services under SharePoint 2010. Either the database connection fails or the user credentials arent delegated. I have tried setting up Kerberos but no luck. Any resources around how to properly configure this?


  4. Sunder Raman says:

    Hi Lambros,

    I missed the notification about your comment. Do you still need help here?


  5. Hi, before I didn't choose to integrate TFS with SharePoint Server and I have second option! So, now can I change this ?? Have you any guid??

  6. Kruba says:

    Hi Sunder,

    Thanks for your post!

    Is it possible to export my query result from TFS to Excel?



  7. kumar says:

    Hi Sundar,

    is it possible to drill down under the reports. for ex, if i have plot showing n number of bugs in active state and n number of bugs in closed state. can i click on the active state and get information about bugs in the active state? just wanted to know if i can drill down the SSRS reports?

  8. Sunder Raman says:

    Hi Kumar, Kruba, zbiko,

    Sorry I missed your comments, I don't work on TFS anymore so I don't keep up with these posts anymore. But if you still need assistance, please send me an email from this blog and I'll connect you with people who can help answer your questions.



  9. Georges says:

    Hi Sunder,

    Why I'm not able to see "Burndown, Quality, Bugs, Test and Build" under Dashboards ? There's only my Dashboard.



  10. Sunder Raman says:

    Hi Georges,

    Please send me an email from this blog and I'll connect you with people who can help.



  11. Georges says:

    Hi Sunder,

    I've done so. I just sent you an email.



  12. kartz says:

    Can I  get the dashboards  based on excel services  in  standard  edition of sharepoint.  Or Do we need to install  Enterprise edition of  Sharepoint 2007 or  2010  to get access to EXCEL.  As I can find only basic dashboards   i.e  My Dashboard  and  Project Dashboard.  MSDN says  you need to have  enterprise edition. Please let me know if we have any other alternative for this to display  excel reports on dashboards using standard versions

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