Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010 – Part 1: Introduction

This is the first chapter in the series on Reporting in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010. In this series, I’ll cover the following topics: Walkthroughs for out-of-the-box experience including customizations Custom report authoring tools and walkthroughs An overview of the reporting architecture Out-of-the-box, we have several ways to report on the data in TFS to…


Team Foundation Server 2010 – Cube Schema Changes in Beta 2

In my last post, I wrote about the relational warehouse and cube schema changes coming your way in TFS 2010. We just released 2010 Beta 2 and I wanted to outline additional schema changes we have made in the cube, especially to polish it for final release and also address a few key usability aspects….


Team Foundation Server 2010 – Relational Warehouse and Cube Schema Changes

[Update 10/19/2009] The changes detailed in this post are still applicable for TFS 2010. I just published another post with additional cube schema changes that we have made for Beta 2. Team Foundation Server 2010 is a BIG release for us by all counts. We have made conceptual changes; Brian introduced some of the key…


Work Item rules workaround: Cannot close task unless Remaining Work is zero

In the last post in this series, Gregg blogged about restricting a bug such that only the creator can close it on our team blog. This is the last post in this series of workarounds that we have been blogging about. We saved this as the grand finale for our series. Customers have asked us:…


Work Item rules workaround: Saving the resolved reason

In our last post in this series, Gregg blogged about securing a work item type on our team blog. Another question along these lines: “How can I save the resolved reason? I want to create metrics based on how bugs were resolved, but the value of the ‘Reason’ field is changed when the bug is…


Work Item rules workaround: Deactivating a work item type

My colleague, Gregg, and I have been posting a series of workarounds to achieve scenarios in Work Item Tracking that aren’t straightforward using our rule engine. In the last post in this series, Gregg blogged about forcing selection of reason. Let’s take a look at another question that we often get: “How do I deactivate/retire…


My posts on Team Foundation Server

Buck Hodges, one of our Dev Managers, recently referenced one my posts and I got a couple of emails asking me to update my blog and talk about updates on Reporting in TFS that are coming up in our next release. I moved from Work Item Tracking and am now Program Manager for Reporting Platform…