Encountered an issue with search in Mac Outlook?

For updated instructions, please see our team blog post: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/outlookformac/?p=465 If you run into any issues, you can contact us using Help > Contact Support (currently available for Insiders) or send me a message at sunder_r on Twitter.


Adding an Office 365 email account to Mac Outlook 2011

Mac Outlook 2011 supports Office 365 email accounts! The entry point in the UI for Office 365 or Exchange Online accounts is the same as on premise Exchange accounts.   To add your Office 365 email account, click on ‘Add Account’ in the welcome screen: In the Accounts dialog, just pick the Exchange Account option:…


Rest of posts in Reporting in TFS 2010 series!

Finding time for finishing these posts didn’t work out but I tried! I still get emails for this, so instead of trying to write individual posts for the remaining topics I am including the deck I had created. It has step-by-step walkthrough I have used in a few talks and for the blog series. Please…


Where are the rest of the posts in the Reporting in TFS 2010 series?

I was posting a series of topics on Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010 but never got the chance to finish the last few posts. I’ve received several requests for finishing the series. I don’t work in the TFS team anymore, so I didn’t get a chance to finish the series. However, I still have…


When trying to enable reporting after upgrading my server I get a schema warning

A couple of customers have reached out recently with this question, so I wanted to elaborate how this scenario works. Here’s the scenario: “I have an existing TFS 2005 or 2008 server with reporting enabled. I upgraded the server to TFS 2010 but during upgrade I used the convenient option to skip reporting upgrade so…


Reporting in Team Foundation Server 2010 – Part 8: Custom Reports: Options & Tools

In my last post in this series I covered the new feature for generating reports in Microsoft Excel based on work item query. Let’s look at custom report authoring options available and a few tools next: Walkthroughs for out-of-the-box experience including customizations SharePoint Dashboard Rich SQL Reporting Services Reports Excel Reports from Work Item Queries…


TFS 2010 Warehouse Sample Adapter is now available!

We have been working on getting a sample adapter ready for you to build a custom warehouse adapter in TFS 2010. I am happy to announce that we just published the sample and is now available at: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Tfs2010SampleAdapter The sample shows an example for moving custom data into the warehouse and cube to enable reporting…


Team Foundation Server 2010 – Cube Schema Changes in RTM

I posted this topic outlining the cube schema changes we made in Beta 2. We had made it a point not to make any breaking schema changes in our cube schema once Beta 2 shipped and we stuck to that goal for RC. We put in a significant effort in the recent weeks to improve…


Reporting in Team Foundation Server – Part 7: Excel Reports from Work Item Queries

In my last post in this series, I covered the new SQL RS reports we have in TFS 2010. Let’s look at a cool new feature for generating a report in Microsoft Excel based on a work item query. Walkthroughs for out-of-the-box experience including customizations SharePoint Dashboard Rich SQL Reporting Services Reports Excel Reports from…


Adding Reports & Dashboards and Updating Reports on an existing Team Project

I have heard questions around these scenarios from several people lately: Adding reports and/or dashboards on an existing project that was created without these options Adding the new Agile/CMMI RC version of the reports to existing projects after upgrading from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010 We provision updated version of 2008 reports that works with…