February 2010 release of Windows Azure Tools and SDK

After a long haitus (read: vacation), I am pleased to be back.

 And what better time to be at it than today, when Windows Azure announced the general availability for the platform in 21 countries.

 I am also pleased to announce the release the February 2010 (v1.1) release of the Tools and SDK today. This release supports a couple of new features in the platform, namely Windows Azure Drives and OS Versions.

Windows Azure Drive is available in Beta form and the SDK allows you to use it in your simulation environment as well as in the production cloud today. In order to take advantage of Windows Azure Drive in your application, you need to choose the right version of the Guest Operating System for your application. This SDK now allows you to specify the OS Version as an attribute in your .cscfg file.

You can find more information on the supported Guest OS versions in the Windows Azure Guest OS Versions and SDK Compatibility Matrix.  

Happy developing!


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