Notes on Lotus Notes Search in SharePoint

Links to configuration of Notes search in SharePoint
TechNet: Lotus Notes Configuration for SharePoint Search

If you're looking for migration from Lotus Notes I'm still investigating, but here is the location of the Migration from Lotus Domino.

There is a nice step-by-step for indexing Lotus Notes databases on (the one mistake in the demonstration is that they do not enable the security trimming, which is a must have):

I also found a great article by Mei Ying on how to configure Lotus Notes search to display the proper title for an indexed item rather than a garbage name:

What do I have to do to configure SharePoint Search?
It's important to note that SharePoint Search is already setup to handle Notes database searches. All that really needs done to setup SharePoint is install the Lotus Notes client on the server and configure an account to access databases. Then run a utility in the SharePoint program files directory called NotesSetup.exe and configure the mappings database to apply security trimming. It's importnant to note that SharePoint search requires that the customer have a mapping database from Notes IDs to Windows domain account IDs for this security trimming to work.

Some features of SharePoint search that are important to note:

  1. Indexing of notes databases (like mail, archive mail, journal, contacts, calendar etc.) which are cached locally. Database file could be lying anywhere on the disk.
  2. Vast set of properties (Message Body, Subject, From, From Name, From Address, To Name, To Address, CC Name, CC Address, Doc Title Prefix, Sent Date, Received Date, Primary Date, Attachment Names and whether mail is having attachment) are supported to perform search on mails.
  3. Property based search is also supported for Calendars
  4. UI support to add/select/deselect file for indexing. Handles well the change in names of database files, deletion of database files and movement of database files.

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  1. brigjevi says:


    I have installed MOSS, configured the Protocol Handler for search in Lotus Notes, and with the security mapping enabled. I have a view in the names.nsf with two columns, NotesID and WindowsID.

    When I configure a Content Source (which is a Lotus Notes Database) and try to crawl this, I got this error message:

    The Windows NT identity does not exist. ("-Default-" )

    As far as I know, -Default- is not a user in Lotus Notes, so I can’t map this user in the names.nsf Any suggestions ?

  2. You’ll need to map the Default account to the Everyone account.

  3. Umesh says:

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  4. Umesh says:

    i wana to read about repeater in

  5. Ndongo says:

    Where or how does one configure MOSS to remove service accounts from search?

  6. Robert says:

    We have WSS 3.0/2003 portal and I want to be able to enable incoming email feature on SharePoint, so we can send an email from our Notes Clients and receive it on the Announcement Page (The announcement library will have its own email address, e.g.

    My challenge is, I don’t know if I need a Notes lsitener on the SP box and how it needs to be do I go about having multiple emails for multiple libraries?? Do I have to enter them into the Notes Connector each time??

    Help/Direction is appreciated…



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