I've been recommending customers use BizTalk for integrating business applications for the past 2 years.  I've always known the basics about BizTalk, but I never had the chance to learn the software...

Now I'm learning it so I can get involved in more interesting projects (i.e. get out of doing only SharePoint work).  It's everything I said it was and more!  I'm really getting a kick out of building these maps and orchestrations.

I'm also glad I got into it when I did.  All the frustrations of BizTalk 2004-- are gone.  I know it's stupid, but I would have been greatly irritated with the non-zooming orchestration designer and the fact that I couldn't stop a group of orchestrations at the same time.  It also seems like deployment is much better than before as well.

I urge all you flat file parsers and CSV importers to get involved with BizTalk.  At least start playing with Windows Workflow Foundation!  I digress...


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