MSN Cartoon Beta (cool way to create smiley’s from photos)

Recently I stumbled upon a discussion on facial recognition and creating models from them. Came to know that MSN China had lunched a service called "MSN Cartoon Beta".

Chinese is like French to me; I know neither 馃檪


But I thought it would be an awesome feature to have for all Windows Live Services so tried my predict & clicking skills to get it working!

The following video demonstrates how to use the web based page to create MSN Cartoon without learning Chinese 馃檪


Before beginning with the application there is a small web based install which pops-up but you know which buttons to click if you have used Windows for long enough!

The last button click on the page gives you a zip file containing the newly created smiley's for all  your cool expressions... Now stop reading and check the video and the site 馃槈


URL => 

If there is enough demand for audio commentary I will add voice to explain the different buttons and it's options.

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  1. Jeelz says:

    Way too cool – thanks for sharing!! 馃檪

  2. Vasudev says:

    Thanks sukesh for it. Its cool, though, I am yet to try it out.

    btw have you seen cartoons characters of Popfly team, where the Popfly team had used their Cartoon or caricatures in Popfly.

    Was that made in this way or some other apps was used?

    can anybody tell how it was made?

  3. xinz says:

    thanks for promoting our technology!

    btw, the website uses a previous version of our cartoon sdk, now we have a much improved version.  it will be demo’ed at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) web site: soon, please check it out!

  4. Bah, Humbug! says:

    讘讗转专 MSN 讘住讬谉 谞讜转谞讬诐 砖讬专讜转 讞讚砖 诇讙讜诇砖讬诐 – 讬讬爪讜专 住讟 讗诪讜讟讬拽讜谞讬诐 诇砖讬诪讜砖 讗讬砖讬, 诪转诪讜谞讛 砖讛讜注诇转讛 诇讗转专. 讛讗转专 讘住讬谞讬转,

  5. It looks like Microsoft鈥檚 China development is more active than anyone else. Earlier, there was a version

  6. First, thanks for all the input on our recent upgrade. We really appreciate it. Nick has done a great

  7. Jason says:

    Nice. I’d also recommend you <a href="">Make A Cartoon</a> at <a href=""></a>, but a photo generator is very different from that site!

  8. Hafiz says:

    Hi Sukesh,

    I am from Dubai. I tried to open this page but the message is this page you are trying to open is not found. Do you know why this happens? Any solution?


  9. Sukeshak says:

    I think this feature was discontinued due to whatever reason… Not sure what the plans are for re-use of that feature.

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