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"Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game" - David O. Adeife

Tagged: Five things about me

James has tagged me and at mid night on Sunday with nothing to do I thought I will put down few random thoughts. J

  1. I have lived majority of my life in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is financial capital of India with more than 13million people. My dad was mechanical engineer in Indian Navy so we lived in Navy Nagar. Our apartment was on 12th floor and you could see the ocean from our building. Mumbai is the most happening city in the world. J Following is sort of view I had from my house.


  2. I love traveling. In one of my past jobs I use to travel a lot. I had become so efficient at it, that for couple of years I had not seen take off and landing of flights. I use to sleep as soon as I entered the flight and got up when flight landed. J I have visited around 10 countries and worked with more than 55 customers. I have driven in almost every country; my worst experience of driving was in Rome, Italy. J
  3. I have been on the fore front of innovation in supply chain industry for past few years, with RFID technology. I was involved in making a RFID reader platform for Sirit which was released to market few months back. Watch out for RFID in next few years it will touch every aspect of life.
  4. I am passionate about learning. I have various certifications from Microsoft (MCSD, MCAD.NET), IBM, Sun, APICS etc… I took some classes in Ice skating few years back, don’t know if I learnt to skate but I became really good at falling, finally I realized sports are not for me. Currently I am doing my MBA once my MBA is done next I want to learn flying. That has been my dream since I was a kid.
  5. Longest stretch I have ever worked was for 7 days and 7 nights when I was working for eET. We had a big event in Rome coming up and my CEO wanted to launch our new product EPM, which was not even in design phase. I had to get a demo able version ready in 1 week and then present it at the launch. I gave everything I had, worked day in and day out. We almost worked for 22 hours a day. I attended the launch and after that my body gave up. I just slept for days. Those 2 weeks were most satisfying of my life. J