Send to… Other Location feature, MOSS & Office clients

Have you used this feature before? I see a lot of people on the internet using this feature and there are a couple of scenarios in which this feature won’t work “as expected”. I recently had a chance to spend some time on this and here are my observations after hours of testing. If you…

Sharepoint – custom solution deployment failure

I recently ran into a problem where custom SharePoint solutions will randomly fail to deploy on any of the web servers in the farm. The nature of the problem was hard to debug. The failure can occur on any web server and on any resource file being deployed or when the solution is being retracted….

Published links to office client applications do not show up in file open or save dialogs

Ever run into a problem where your published links for office client applications do not show up in My SharePoint sites Link in Office applications? If so, read through… First, the basics. Ensure it is configured right. This feature works only with Office 2007 client applications. The published links you create will appear on Office…