debugging a crash – An example

Debugging & troubleshooting applications is a major part of my job, but not using debuggers like WinDBG. Although I have a great liking around using the debuggers, I don’t spend a lot of my time these days using this debugger. So when I get time, I generally read books and use sample code to brush…


Webdav folders – no full functionality

I recently got to work on a problem where MOSS 2007 SP2 was installed on a Windows 2008 machine. As you all know, Windows 2008 comes with IIS 7. The problem we had at hand had 2 particular symptoms a. If we tried to access a SharePoint document library using UNC path, we will get…


MOSS 2007 – request timed out browsing or during administrative tasks

How many of you are running into this problem & how many of you have been able to find out the cause for this? I am guessing quite a lot of them out there are running into this problem with SharePoint and very few may have found what the actual cause is. The truth is,…


MOSS Search error – The Search application is not available for this site

I recently got a hardware upgrade and had setup up a new farm in a virtual environment using Hyper-V, after which I ran into the following problem after configuring search and attempting to perform a search. Scenario: I created a new web application on port 100 with no host headers & then a site collection…


CONTENT DEPLOYMENT – the remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found

This is one of a series of blogs that I plan to write on troubleshooting content deployment issues. Here’s a scenario The destination farm is running on a Windows Server 2008 computer. When deploying to the destination, the content deployment fails with the following error: The remote server returned an error: (404) The first thing…


Provisioning shared services fails with user cannot be found error

I was recently rebuilding one of my farms when I ran into the problem I describe below. I logged onto the machine using my domain account. Then created local user accounts for use with my standalone farm on this machine and then ran SharePoint Post Installation Configuration Wizard. After creating a new farm with a…


access denied while trying to save to favorites

I use the “Add to Favorites” feature in Internet Explorer a lot. After moving to Windows Vista, I ran into a problem where I’d get an Access Denied error, anytime I attempted to create a folder within the Favourites. I was curious to find out why I can no longer create folders in my favourites….


people picker & user accounts resolution in domainS FROM different forestS

Ever run into a situation where the people picker in SharePoint will fail to resolve usernames that are within a domain in a totally different forest? Assuming the trust relationships are setup properly? Well think again. Here is a quick check list: Ensure your people picker property is configured correctly in SharePoint. Configure your trust…


Send to… Other Location feature, MOSS & Office clients

Have you used this feature before? I see a lot of people on the internet using this feature and there are a couple of scenarios in which this feature won’t work “as expected”. I recently had a chance to spend some time on this and here are my observations after hours of testing. If you…


Sharepoint – custom solution deployment failure

I recently ran into a problem where custom SharePoint solutions will randomly fail to deploy on any of the web servers in the farm. The nature of the problem was hard to debug. The failure can occur on any web server and on any resource file being deployed or when the solution is being retracted….