Journey of workarounds

For a DEV guy, it is a common phenomenon wherein he ends up saying "this is not supported OOTB". But customers are not happy to hear that. They believe that "software" was meant to solve each and every problem they could have.

In an effort to pacify an unhappy customer, the DEV guy ventures into his sojourn journey of finding a "workaround".

After considerable research, if the DEV guy is lucky, a "workaround" is proposed. But then comes the bigger challenge,the customer wants more. The DEV guy has to customize the workaround to suit the (modified) business requirements. Finally he ends up burning more midnight oil to find a "better workaround". He only wished if the requirements could be relaxed a bit. But finally he succeeds to impress upon the customer with his newer "workaround" solution.

The DEV guy just realized that he had grown smarter and had actually developed the niche to look for "workarounds" whenever a easy solution was not available. 

This blog is dedicated to all the DEV guys who have traversed the journey of "workarounds" and had come up with innovative solutions and have helped the DEV community by sharing them.

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