Performance boosts in CIDER for RC release ….

BrianPe (the Architect) of Cider has an all-informative post about the perf work we (read he) have been doing for the RC release of DEV10. Worth a read, it really makes me feel proud and happy to be a part of Cider team (and devdiv) and you can read it at Yes, performance matters…


Whats coming in VS 2010 – WPFDesigner.

Mark Wilson-Thomas (PM on Cider team) gives a sneak-preview of whats coming in VS 2010 : – Enjoy!


XAML PowerToys for VisualStudio!

Karl (our newest PM on the team) presented cool power tool that enable developers to quickly layout and maintain Line of Business Application forms using the UI controls that ship with Visual Studio. More here :


PDC unleashed …

When you have a chance watch the great stuff that was showcased at PDC here


WPF and VS updates at PDC 2008

Here’s a great post by Tim Sneath that talks about new features in WPF and VS-shell. :  


first blog for cider !

This is my first blog since I have changed teams last year. Wow, its almost 5 months since I am in this new team and there are no excuses for not blogging. I have decided to actively start blogging about this very cool technology that I am working on which is called Cider. I know…


What’s new in Whidbey? : Part 1 – ClipBoard Improvements.

   There are lots of new things in the Whidbey release for Windows Forms.       There are a bunch of new controls and components like StripControls (ToolStrip, MenuStrip, ContextMenuStrip, StatusStrip), DataGridView, SplitContainer, WebBrowser. We have also added some richness to existing controls and components. For example we have exposed the scrollbars on scrollablecontrol as properties, added…


How can I drop controls within UserControl at Design time?

One of the most frequent questions asked on the community forum is how can I make my userControl act as a containerControl (panel) which allows me to add controls at design time. In V1.0 and V1.1 you had to write a lot if code to do this, but in Whidbey we have added a new…