Event-Tipp: Accessathon – Accessibility Hackathon an der Hochschule Rhein-Waal


Bei diesem Events kannst du mit Experten an moderner Software und Gadgets/Konzepte entwickeln um Accessibility  (Barrierefreiheit) zu fördern. Auch in Software und dem modernen Arbeiten ist Barrierefreiheit ein großes Thema. Dieser Hackathon widmet sich absolut um das Thema. Gemeinsam tüfteln und hacken. Für Verpflegung ist ebenfalls gesorgt. Lediglich ein eigenes Device muss mitgebracht werden.


Tag 1 - Freitag 23.06.2017

  • Greeting and introduction
    Why are we here? What challenges about accessibility are we ready to take on this weekend?
  • Inclusive design
    Accessibility can be described by web standards and it is in practice important to make web pages compliant to WCAG 2.0. This approach has two drawbacks. First of all, WCAG 2.0 describes accessibility at a minimum level. Secondly, accessibility is perceived as a state, but in real terms accessibility is a permanent goal.These aspects highlight the importance of including accessibility in the design process, as doing so enables us to create web pages that work for a more diverse set of people. A notable approach on incorporating accessibility into the design process is through “inclusive design” (AKA “universal design”, or “design for all”).
  • AI and Cognitive Computing
  • Inspiration
    There are many interesting projects related to accessibility topics at our university, often initiated by students. We are giving them room to introduce their work.
  • Pitches
    If you have a great idea and need a team, maybe with a special kind of skills, this is the time to introduce your project and invite the other participants to join.
  • Pizza-Time!
    It is hard to think on an empty stomach. Time for a snack and a good chance to meet and greet the other hackers!

Tag 2 - Samstag 24.06.2017

  • Breakfast
    Good morning! Grab some food and a strong coffee, it is going to be an amazing day!
  • Digital Fabrication
    Get ready to be mindblown! The FabLab of the university offers state of the art equipment to give your ideas a physical form. The FabLab Team will introduce their favorites: Lasercutter, 3D-Printers, high precision or power tools that will be at your disposal this weekend.
  • Hackathon Start
  • Launch
  • Workshop: Testing Web Accessibility
    In this workshop we will learn how to get a first overview of the accessibility of our website using the Browser extension WAVE (available for Firefox and Chrome). As WAVE focuses on visually impaired users, we will try to understand how they perceive a website and adress some issues. If some time is still left, we're going to find out how visually impaired users navigate through the web by trying out free or built-in assistive technology for computers and/or mobile devices. Therefore Windows users should already download the free and open-source screenreader NVDA.
  • Coffee & Cookies
    It is well known that best ideas come during coffee breaks.  Nothing is as beautiful as a sketchbook full of doodles, coffee stains and cookie crumbs. Walk a hundred steps afterwards and get ready for some more hacking!
  • Home Automation
    Christian Bayerlein is a computer scientist and a nerd. He lives with a disability called spinal muscular atrophy. In order to bring more accessibility into his life, he himself works on technical solutions. He will show what tools he uses and what features they provide - both self-made and "off-the-shelf" and by specialized wheelchair technicians. He will also bring his old electric wheelchair with him and invite to modify and "pimp" it - for new features or as an art project.
  • Grill & Chill

Tag 3 - Sonntag 25.06.2017

  • Breakfast
    Good morning! Grab some food and a strong coffee, it is going to be an amazing day!
  • Project Finish-Up
    Print a poster, tighten up some screws and test your prototype.
  • Launch
  • The Results
    How did it go? What did you explore? Present the results of your work to everyone and enjoy the applause.
  • Schleupen@Accessathon
    Schleupen AG is a family owned software company focusing on the German energy industry. With a share of 25% being number 2 behind SAP in the market for ERP- and billing-solutions Schleupen’s customers are mid-sized German energy and water utilities. Of the 430 employees, who realized a turnover of 62 million euros in 2016, 220 are based in Moers where software development is concentrated. Schleupen’s solutions portfolio mainly consists of Software, Services (ASP, BSP, Cloud, …), Consulting (Application-, IT-consulting, …). Highlights of current energy market requirements and recent software developments are for example “Smart Metering” and Smart Grid solutions (i.e. Flexibility Management). Schleupen is continuously looking for new employees and offers students as well as beginners opportunities in the software development department, Moers!www.schleupen.de
  • Endnote
    Let's sum up the weekend and seal newly made friendships with a drink. Best projects will get extra honors and maybe even a prize? Anyway, we should stay in touch for future hackathons and project work. Have a safe trip home!


Also, ein tolles Event - mit einer vollgepackten Agenda.



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