Women Innovators Dinner: A Night full of Wisdom

Last night we were privileged to attend the Women Innovators Dinner at the Marriot Times Square Ballroom in NYC. Allison Watson of Microsoft introduced the panel and gave some background on her career and her group—which is 50% female. Watson is a Corporate Vice President of the U.S. Marketing & Operations Group and leads marketing…

Technical Mom Picture Time: Send in Pics with O’Reilly Books

O’Reilly is collecting pictures of Technical Moms for their O’Reilly Mother’s Day Page and discount.  Take a pic with your O’Reilly books and send it into press@oreilly.com.  They plan to post a picture page of technical mom’s with their books. Don’t forget to order your Mother’s Day O’Reilly book and receive a 40% Discount by…


First all girls team in the US Imagine Cup Finals

I was excited to see Mary Jo Foley’s post about the All-women’s team making the Imagine Cup contest finals  Ashley Myers, Erin “Ed” Donahue and Malisa Vongskul are working on Computer-Assisted Medication Regimen Adherence (CAMRA) and make up team MangoBunnies.  Their project: CAMRA “discreetly and conveniently supports HIV and AIDS patients by providing a medication…


Alfred’s Monday Morning Links

Alfred Thompson posts a set of links each week that are a great source of information.  A few of these that are particularly relevant, find the full article here or follow Alfred on Twitter. Got girls? Live in Texas? UT Austin has a girls tech camp called FirstBytes that is a summer outreach program for…


A Fish Out of Water: Being a Man at Grace Hopper

Randy Guthrie blogs about being one of a few men at Grace Hopper: http://blogs.msdn.com/mis_laboratory/archive/2008/10/03/a-fish-out-of-water-1-300-women-technologists-5-men-at-the-2008-grace-hopper-conference.aspx


Confessions of a Woman Developer: I’m a singer and I’m a PC

When I lived in Columbus, I went to see Def Poetry Jam  where people passionately tell their story through poems they’ve written.  I’m not much of a poet, nonetheless, here’s my story. I’m a singer.  That’s right I sing, I’ve sung evensongs at cathedrals all across England and Scotland, I sang in the Ohio State…


Confessions of a Woman Developer: 4 Steps to Navigate Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper can be a bit jolting as a first-time attendee.  I first attended Grace Hopper as a senior in Computer Science and Engineering at Ohio State University.  I attended with two women I barely knew – Bettina Bair, a diversity leader at Ohio State, and Rebecca Fiebrink, a double major in music and computer…