Shared Code Windows Desktop, Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360

Awesome news from Windows Phone 7 demo shows cross platform game coding, playing Start playing on your desktop, continue to Windows Phone 7, and finish on Xbox 360.  Get a glimpse at the development that makes it happen. Technorati Tags: SP7, WindowsPhone7, Windows Phone 7, MIX10


Technical Mom Picture Time: Send in Pics with O’Reilly Books

O’Reilly is collecting pictures of Technical Moms for their O’Reilly Mother’s Day Page and discount.  Take a pic with your O’Reilly books and send it into  They plan to post a picture page of technical mom’s with their books. Don’t forget to order your Mother’s Day O’Reilly book and receive a 40% Discount by…


LEGO Rock Band Video Game Announced

An awesome combination of LEGO® and Rock Band® , check out this announcement. “LEGO Rock Band combines the multiplayer music experience of Rock Band® with the fun, customization and humor of the LEGO videogame franchise packed with brilliant chart-topping songs and classic favorites suitable for younger audiences, including: Blur: “Song 2” Carl Douglas: “Kung…


Kodu Now available on PC

Kodu, a game programming environment for kids of all ages is now available on PC. Watch Alfred demonstrate how it works. (turn up the volume it’s soft) Who’s using Kodu? In Detroit, Michigan we have been watching our friends at Explorer Elementary who have created the Explorer Kodu Club ( Kids are showing up early…


Windows 7 Links

The buzz around Windows 7 continues to grow with great new features like AeroShake, integration with IE8, ISO Burning and more. My favorite Vista feature was the Start Menu. I love being able to open the start medallion and type a filename or program. I have no idea where I keep things anymore. Windows 7…


EDUfun: Microsoft Visual Studio Middle School Power Toys 1.0

Erik Leaseburg has started a new blog called EDUfun to capture the fun and exciting intersection of technology, fun, and education.  While this entry targets Middle School, it is a great tool for any entry level programmer.  The  is a software package created by Microsoft to help middle school students learn about computer programming. It…


Popfly Game Creator: Games by Students

Alfred beat me to posting my own content  🙂 We recently asked a number of students to use Popfly and submit a Popfly creation (a mash-up or a game).  10 of the games that were created were picked by the Popfly Team in the Games We Love entry in the Popfly wiki. I’ve embedded…