What Word of Advice Would You Give to Imagine Cup Contestants?

This week, the University of Washington is sharing the role of host with Microsoft for this year's World Imagine Cup Finals. The event acts as a moment in time for communities and universities across the globe to celebrate student entrepreneurship and creativity. Most importantly, it's a ton of fun to watch. In fact, if you're from the U.S. we definitely recommend helping team Grant Fellow, the group representing the states at the finals this year, by following their story on twitter using the #TeamGrantFellow hashtag and tweeting any questions about the experience, words of advice, or just to cheer them on! (Hear more from Grace about the Grant Fellow project here)


How to Show Your Love for Team Grant Fellow (or any other team)

 Share Your Words of Wisdom

The VP for Developer Experience and Evangelism in the U.S., Sanket Akerkar shared a little of that Imagine Cup spirit earlier today with his one word of advice to not only the team representing the U.S. on the Imagine Cup world stage this year, #TeamGrantFellow, but to all competitors: Fun...As in don't let the chaos of this amazing event scream by without taking a moment to really soak in the spirit of the event: showcasing some of the most promising and talented entrepreneurs and developers across the world.


A Selfie is Worth a Thousand Words

Dave Voyles is  Microsoft Evangelist that works with U Penn, the university that is responsible for producing the talented group that formed Grant Fellow. Selfie-lovers everywhere might appreciate his brand of endorsement.


Be Part of the Story

Evangelist Nathalie Goh-Livorness (@stopngoh) helped mentor #TeamGrantFellow along their journey to this point. She'll be in Seattle to show her support and share her Imagine Cup experience as well. Her chosen method for helping the team bring home the win: a video shout out.

Regardless of how you want to share your support, or what team you want to cheer on, don't miss Imagine Cup this year. It's shaping up to be one we talk about for a long time.


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