3 reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Dan’l Lewin’s Keynote at Startup Bootcamp

Today 15 teams of aspiring tech entrepreneurs begin a week-long startup bootcamp in Silicon Valley on their path to Imagine Cup. Participants will have the opportunity to work with successful startup leaders, expert mentors, and Microsoft executives as they make huge strides towards transforming their ideas for the next game-changing company into a reality.  An exciting week if you’re keen on the startup world to say the least.

What better way to kick off a week full of innovation (and probably a lot of coffee and adrenaline) than with a keynote by Dan’l Lewin, a 30-year veteran of the Silicon Valley startup scene and VP of Strategic and Emerging Business development at Microsoft. Lewin’s work with companies such as Apple, NeXT and GO Corp. as well as his time spent consulting for dozens of hot startups gives him the kind of insights that aspiring startup entrepreneurs kill for. Lucky for you, we’ll be live tweeting all the good stuff using the hashtag #MSBootcamp so all you have to do is stay connected on twitter.

To get you primed for Dan’l’s speech we pulled together three reasons why you’ll want to tune in for Lewin’s chat (as if you needed it):

1.    He knows what’s coming next.

As Microsoft’s man in the valley, he’s got his finger on the pulse of the future intechnology. Lewin has been steeped in this entrepreneurial stew since the mid-1970s and will talk about how he would start a startup in today’s world.

2.    The investors are his friends.

Seriously. His title might be a mouthful, but basically Lewin manages Microsoft’s startup and investment community relationships. He’s on the board of the National Venture Capital Association and can tell you how to get funding for your nascent company. ‘Nuff said.

3.    He’s plugged into all things startup at Microsoft

Through programs such as BizSpark, Lewin has identified and helped accelerate dozens of startups in over 60 countries including: Evernote, Loopt, Cheezburger, Kobo, Curse.com, Yammer, Graphic.ly, Kobojo, Lokad and Seesmic.

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  1. Sean Dunford says:

    This was a great Keynote. So glad I could be apart of this competition and the accelerator program.

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