Xbox: By the Numbers

Written by Megan Benjamin

This past Tuesday marked the 10-year anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft’s first foray into the gaming world. Since that fated day in 2001, Xbox has hit some major gaming milestones. From the original Xbox to the Xbox 360 you know and love today, here’s a look at Xbox by the numbers!

57.6 million Xbox 360s sold (as of Sep 30, 2011) 

882 Games exclusive to Xbox 360 

>1000 Games available for Xbox 360

2001 The year Xbox hit the market for the first time

>1 Number of crazy girlfriends who smashed their boyfriend’s Xbox because they couldn’t handle his love of gaming

14.5 million Copies sold of the best-selling Xbox 360 game ever, Halo 3 

360 Degrees in a wicked “Tony Hawk” full spin (or the number at the end of the world’s best gaming console)

$125 million Halo 2’s earnings on the first day of release

1998 Year in which the Xbox brainchild was born by four engineers from Microsoft’s DirectX team

64 MB of memory in the original Xbox

353.8 million and counting Total number of Xbox 360 games sold

$14,000 Cash you could win by designing an Xbox 360 game that solves the world’s problems

And there you have. To get your Xbox fix, visit the Xbox marketplace here. Happy gaming!

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