Windows Phone Student App of the Week: Toddler Animal Flash Cards



Toddler Animal Flash Cards

Author: Metz Technologies
This is an application for toddlers to learn about different animals, what sounds they make, how they look, and how to read their names. There are over 40 animals that display on the app and make fun noises. Use this app when you are waiting to be seated at a restaurant or at the doctor’s office, to keep your kids occupied.
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Here we are at the final week of the Windows Phone App-a-thon blog series! Over these past seven weeks I have highlighted some of the best student apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace. I have shown you how easy and rewarding it can be to create apps. I have been amazed at all of the incredible apps that students are making right now and I hope seeing other students apps has inspired you to try making apps yourself. You students are the future of technology, and the next generation of app makers. Although this series is coming to an end, I encourage all of you to find and download student apps that are in the marketplace, and if you think of a new idea or one that hasn’t been executed well, don’t be afraid to create your own app.

This week I am highlighting a truly fantastic app. Not only is if fun and engaging for small children, but it can help keep children distracted and provide parents with the time to get things done. The idea is simple; This interactive application  allows a small child to learn what different animals look like, how to read and spell the animals name, the noise the animal makes, and more. Not only is this app entertaining for small children but at the same time it is also informative. Let’s just say for a moment that you are on a long car ride and your child keeps screaming and crying and you are very distracted by it. Instead of having to pull over and wait for the child to settle down, you can just hand your child the phone with this app on it, and more times then not the child will begin playing the app and will no longer be a distraction to you. This is just one out of many instances when this app could come in handy. If you have a kid under the age of 10, I would recommend that you get this app.

To learn more about app making and the contest rules check out Thanks for checking out my blog every week and remember, you (the students) are the future of app making. Continue supporting students making apps and continue making apps yourself!


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  1. Gandalf50 says:

    Will keep the rugrats occupied for 10 minutes. 🙂

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