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My Mood

Author: Haytham
My Mood allows you to quickly update your mood on Facebook. Start sharing your mood character with your friends and family!
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Here we are at week 6 of the Windows Phone Student App of the week! This week we have chosen to show you an app called My Mood. This app is connected to Facebook, in  that once you pick a mood, you are then able to share that mood with your friends on Facebook. This app provides Facebook users with a fun and silly way to share with friends their mood. Not only does it share your mood in writing, but it also has a caricature of the mood to go with it. I would recommend that everyone with a Facebook get this app as you never know when you will want to express your mood in a fun way on Facebook. If your looking for a very serious app with a lot of quality tools this is not the app for you. But, if you already have enough serious apps and you want something fun to play with and share with your friends, then this is your perfect app. Go ahead now and check out this app at the Windows Phone Marketplace!

Creating apps is not as hard as it may seem. Go to the Windows Phone Student app-a-thon site and follow the steps to create an app and be in the running for some great prizes. For a limited time Microsoft is offering all of the tools and help necessary to create apps for the Marketplace. Even if you have never made an app before, it is not too late to start now.

This is a very cool contest that Microsoft is running because they give you everything you need to create apps. They give you prizes just for creating apps and then your apps end up in the marketplace where you can earn money or notoriety. It is a win win situation for you. I strongly encourage you to at least give this competition a chance now while it is still being offered. App making is something that many people do for many reasons. Some people make apps because they feel strongly about a problem so they choose to solve that problem with an app. Others may make an app just because they enjoy the app making process. And yet even more people make apps as part of a business or at an attempt to make money. Let me tell you a little story about a student app maker I met today. I met this 17 year old kid today who is working in a programming internship here at Microsoft. He got to telling me that in his free time he chooses to make apps. He told me that he just enjoyed the process of building apps and that he didn’t expect to make any money off of them. However, last year he entered one of the game apps he created into a competition. This 17 year old kid ended up getting 3rd place ahead of many professional app companies and he earned a whopping 50,000 dollars just off of this one app and one contest. The lesson here isn’t that all of you out there are going to win contests and earn lots of money with your apps. The lesson is that you never know what can happen. You never know, one of your apps could  jump to the top of the marketplace and you could become a very successful app maker. Take this story for what it is and have it help you get the passion to make apps!

That is it for this weeks edition of app of the week. Next Tuesday the last of the series will be out. I hop you join me again then because you wont want to miss out on the final app!


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