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Author: SimzzDev
DrawPad is a simple drawing app. You can change brush height, width, and color. You can erase strokes easily. You can even choose your own background image, and then save your creation.
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DrawPad is one of those entertainment apps that never gets old. It was created and put into the marketplace by a student. When I first downloaded this app I played around on it for almost twenty minutes because it was so entertaining. The premise of the app is simply drawing or writing with your finger. You can start off with the basic white background, or you can upload/ take pictures and draw on top of the photo. That’s where  the fun comes in. You can take pictures of your friends, draw funny things on the photo and then save or send the photo to someone. There is so much flexibility in what you can do with this app, and that is why I enjoy it so much. One can change the width and color of the pen stroke, change the background, and send the photos or drawings to anyone. This app is truly one of a kind, and as I said earlier, the work of a student.

Go to the Windows Phone app-a-thon site and  create an app for your favorite things. The first 1000 students to enter the competition will win an Xbox 360 game, and the student who publishes the most apps will win a Windows Phone 7.These prizes are cool and exciting, but you will be even more thrilled when you see that people from around the world are downloading the app you created. And you never know, maybe your app will be featured in the next  Windows Phone Student App of the week blog! Creating apps have never been easier then right now. Microsoft is giving you all of the tools to be able to do it, and all you have to do is utilize this opportunity. I believe all of you out there have the capability to create an app like this one. Take a few minutes to check out t If nothing else, at least download this app and see how fun and easy a student app can be. Have a great week and remember to check back here next week for the latest edition of Student App of the Week.


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