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Free Dictionary

Author: Jared B Drake
Dictionary and Thesaurus to help you while you’re on the go. Simple and Quick And its FREE!!!!!!! A simple web browser with a home page of
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This dictionary app although similar to other dictionary apps, has one main difference, it was created by a student! This app at it’s core is just a link, and here’s why. One begins using this app by typing in a word they want to look up. The user then clicks dictionary or thesaurus and he or she will be linked to another website where the results are shown. The user is given a lot of information about the word, such as figure of speech, pronunciation, definition, etc. I liked this app a lot because it allowed me to search for words without having to go online. Its much simpler to just click on the app and let it connect me to the correct website. Since the app connects one to such well known websites as and, one knows that the information they are receiving is accurate. I personally tested the app out by searching for definitions of numerous words and comparing the definitions I was given to definitions in a paper dictionary I have. The results of the app were as good if not better then the definitions in the paper dictionary. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for a good dictionary app download this app because it is very high quality and at the same time free!

This App is the Student app of the week! However, you could be the one to create the app that becomes next weeks app of the week. It’s easy to get involved! Just go to the Windows App-a-thon site for details or check out the 4 easy steps below to create an app and be entered in the running for prizes:

1. Register with App Hub

2. Download free tools

3. Build and Submit your app

4. Enter the student App-a-thon

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