Windows Phone Student App of the Week: Police lights 7



Police Lights 7

Author: Lynx Interactive
Police Lights 7 is a police lights simulator for Windows Phone. It is intended for fun only and may NOT be used to engage in any type of criminal activity. Impersonating a police officer in any form is a crime, so you should use this app with great discretion. Enjoy!
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Hello everyone, we are back again for the Windows Phone 7 app of the week! This is the second week of the series and we are so excited about all of the amazing apps coming into the competition. Please continue submitting apps, as the more apps you submit the greater chance you have of winning amazing prizes. 

This week while searching for a student app to highlight as part of our Student app of the week series, I came across a very clever app, Police Lights 7. Although it’s very simple, this app can bring a lot of fun to any situation. Unlike many other entertainment apps, Police Lights 7 is not hard to use. After opening up the app you must first go to the options tab to select the number and color of the police lights, along with the preferred siren sound. There are 10 different sirens ranging from a police siren to an air strike siren, all of which sound incredibly realistic. After selecting preferences you must then go back to the starting page of the app where you can select the start tab. The siren and lights will begin to play simultaneously and will stop once the user returns to the main page by hitting the back button on the phone. It is an entertaining app that kids of all ages can enjoy!

As stated earlier, this app was created by a student. You don’t have to go to a technical school, or be a part of a professional organization to create apps. All you need is the passion and drive to be a part of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. To get an app into the Marketplace and be entered into the running for great prizes, you don’t need to be the most creative or technically savvy person either, you just have to believe in yourself and put out great effort. I encourage all of you reading this blog to take a few moments to visit the Windows App-a-thon site to find out more information about app creation and the prizes you could win.

Although I am sure there are other apps in the marketplace similar to Police Lights 7, this has been a successful and stand-alone app because a student decided to put a lot of  time and effort into it. I would guess that the creator of this app had his or her expectations dwarfed by the success of the app. In conclusion, I want to leave you with one final message. THIS COULD BE YOU! All it takes is a vision and  hard work and you never know what might happen. Have a great rest of the week and come visit my blog next week for the third edition of the student app of the week!

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