Windows Phone Student App of the Week: Cookie Monsters



Author: Studio Lyrica
You are a monster who loves cookies. There are cookies raining from the sky. Conclusion? Collect as many cookies a possible. Oh, but watch out for those falling bombs.
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This is our first installment of the Windows Phone 7 Student App of the Week! Each week we’ll pick a Windows Phone 7 app created by a student to feature on the blog. This could be you! Submit to AppHub and let us know at the Windows Phone App-a-thon site.

This week we are highlighting a simple, but fun and addicting game, called Cookie Monsters. The gameplay is intuitive, only requiring you to tilt your phone to make the monster catch the cookies, while making sure to avoid the bombs. You gain points for catching cookies, but the game ends when you are hit by a bomb. Your goal is to rack up as many points as possible. The game is suitable for all ages, and will have you competing with your friends to get the highest score.

Although this app may appear to be made by professionals, it was actually made by a student. Anyone of any age or background can create an application for the Windows Phone 7 Market Place. We encourage all of you reading this blog to create and submit an app to the Windows Phone Student App-a-thon site where you will be entered to win prizes. Not only could you create an important application and make money in the process, but you could also win numerous prizes, ranging from an Xbox 360 game to a Windows Phone 7.

It’s easy to get involved! Just go to the Windows App-a-thon site for details or check out the 4 easy steps below to create an app and be entered in the running for prizes:

1. Register with App Hub

2. Download free tools

3. Build and Submit your app

4. Enter the student App-a-thon

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