Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals Round 2 Teams Announced for Embedded Development and Software Design

Last night in the Marriott NYC ballroom, Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals teams were bounding around the room to Lady Gaga and Jay Z, doing the wave with their country flags, yelling their country names--gearing up for the Round 2 announcements. The elimination round 2 announcements, for Embedded Development and Software Design kept being delayed, since the judges were obviously having a difficult time making a decision.  After nearly 40 minutes of suspense, where the tension in the room was palpable and the teams were starting to laugh nervously (or break out in spontaneous dances and flag-waving), the judges started the announcements.

Jon Perera, General Manager, reminded all teams that they are all winners, and congratulated all of them for getting this far in the Imagine Cup process—and for having an idea in the first place that they were passionate enough about  to pursue.

Embedded Development Captain Olivier Bloch got on stage and announced the finalists, inviting each team to come on stage:

Embedded Development

    • Embedded Brain from Brazil
    • Harmonicare from China
    • Freakin' Mind from Colombia
    • ideas 4 u  from Egypt
    • Give Me 4 from France
    • Drushti from India
    • MACARA  from Indonesia
    • WCY_TEAM from Poland
    • Endeavour_Design from Romania
    • Calvus from Russia
    • Skynet from Singapore
    • Argitech from Spain
    • N THUCS from Taiwan
    • Cycling into trees from United Kingdom
    • Syntax Errors from United States


 Rob Miles, the Captain of the Software Design competition, then announced the 18 teams for his category:

  • Software Design  
    • LevelUP from Brazil
    • Lifeware S.A.C.  from Chile
    • Care Everyone from China
    • apptenders  from Croatia   
    • Celebrio Software from Czech Republic
    • Team 25k  from Finland      
    • Infiniti from India     
    • Team Hermes  from Ireland
    • OaSys from Jordan   
    • Team Cyber Knightz from Malaysia
    • White Light from Morocco
    • OneBuzz from New Zealand
    • SIMPLEX  from Romania       
    • OriTeam  from Russia             
    • Zippers  from Slovakia        
    • 2ndSight from Slovenia          
    • DashPoint   from Ukraine 
    • Team Note-Taker from United States          

Congratulations to all the teams! We'll report back after the next Round finalists are announced for the other categories.

Are you an expert flag-waver (and have a good idea to change the world) don't miss your chance by signing up to be a part of the next Imagine Cup:

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