Gaming Week 2011

Have you ever played your favorite video game and asked yourself “how can I get a job working on a game this cool?”

The fact is that the video game industry is now one of the hottest software businesses in the world.  It employs hundreds of thousands of people around the world in companies as big as Microsoft and Electronic Arts, upstarts like Zynga and Playdom, and in startups that may be near your college campus.  Games have driven growth on social media and mobile devices, as audiences seek entertainment on new platforms.

What is the future of gaming?  What opportunities exist in the present?  And what can you do NOW to land your dream job right out of college?

This week, we thought we’d bring you answers to these questions and more.  We will share great gaming articles and resources from the Microsoft Tech Student Facebook page from February 1-4.  We’ll also host three live chat events to give you an opportunity to chat with industry experts. 

Here are the chat events we’ve created for you:

February 2 – 4pm Pacific Standard Time – Shawn Hargreaves, Principal Software Design Engineer, XNA Game Studio and Nick Gravelyn, SDET, XNA Team – What it is like to work on Games at Microsoft

February 3 – Noon Pacific Standard Time – Andrew Parsons, Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist, New York – Game Industry Trends & How to Get Noticed

February 4 – 11am Pacific Standard Time – Rian Sammy Sacquitne, Recruiter, Microsoft University Recruiting – What Recruiters Want in a New Gaming Industry Hire

We’d love for you to participate in Gaming Week 2011.  You can interact on our wall, post questions/comments, and/or join us in the chat events February 2-4. You can attend the chat events by visiting the Microsoft Tech Student Facebook page during the times listed above.

Thanks for your continued support of the Microsoft Tech Student Facebook Page.

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  1. chumbawumba says:

    this is way cool.  thanks for helping us.

  2. We're glad you find this helpful Chumbawumba! Do you have any questions that you would like to ask the speakers?

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