January’s Tech Student of the Month – Den Delimarsky

Den Delimarsky It’s time to profile our second Tech Student of the Month, featuring a student whom we feel is doing something exceptional using the Microsoft platform and toolset to develop software. For January we have selected Den Delimarsky, one of our newest Student Insiders, and a freshman at Independence Community College. Den started his journey into software development at the ripe age of seven! Computer Science brought Den to the United States from Moldova and Den is already working on his second Windows Phone 7 application.

Delimarsky grew up in the small Eastern European country of Moldova where he started his journey into programming at just seven years old. He began working with Visual Basic 6.0 after finding a copy of “Visual Basic for Dummies sitting on a bookshelf. After following some tutorials from the book, Den looked to take on more ambitious tasks such as, making a copy of Notepad, creating a database manager on top of Access, and other projects he now considers simple. This process served as a gateway for Den, who realized that he enjoyed working with computers, and was fascinated by being able to tell them what to do. “I’m hooked on programming,” said Den.

Throughout high school Den was avidly learning programming on his own time. He spent hours online every day searching for tutorials and information that would enrich his knowledge of programming using Microsoft tools. He never took specialized classes or courses, but he found what he needed on the internet and from books to master C# and .NET. Den mentioned that one of his favorite books to learn from was “The Art of Computer Programming” written by Donald E. Knuth.

After finishing High School, Delimarsky immigrated to the United States to pursue his passion for computer science. He feels there are more opportunities to advance his career and attain a better education in the field of technology in the United States. Today, Den is a freshman at Independence Community College in Kansas where he just finished his first semester. He has excelled in all of his courses, managing to get straight A’s. It seems that Den is on his way to reaching his goal of transferring to MIT or Emory University.

Along his journey into software development, Den has always been sure to document his learning. In February of 2008 Den started posting about .NET topics on the Dream.In.Code online community. At first, he just wanted to keep documentation for himself, but as he earned kudos from the community, Den began posting more fervently. Now, Den is one of the top contributors on Dream.In.Code and an administrator. Recently, Chris Kenworthy, the founder of Dream.In.Code, nominated Den to be a Microsoft Student Insider.

Den with Glenn BlockDelimarsky got the position as a Microsoft Student Insider and has been loving the inside access that the role provides. In 2010 he got the opportunity to attend the Professional Developers Conference at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. During the conference, Den was able to meet and interview key Microsoft development leaders such as, Glenn Block (WCF Program Manager), Scott Hanselman (Principal Program Manager) and Scott Guthrie (Corporate Vice President of the Developer Division). Delimarsky said he is looking forward to the rest of his time as a Student Insider, and that he is planning to get a more in-depth view of how Microsoft employees collaborate on development projects. You can share Den’s inside view of Microsoft by following his blog: Den by Default.

While Windows Phone 7 has only been out for a couple months, Den is already a Windows Phone development guru. He created an application that allows you to easily upload photos to Flickr directly from a Windows Phone device. Den is also working on a Windows Phone 7 game called Snowfight with some of the other Student Insiders. The team is using the Windows Phone 7 SDK, XNA Framework along with a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service to build the game. For collaboration, Team Foundation Server is being used and the group has been sharing their source code on CodePlex. They hope to make the game available via the Windows Phone Marketplace soon.

Den is only a freshman in college, but he knows exactly where he wants to be in five years. After graduating from school, Den hopes to get a development position at Microsoft. To help reach that goal, Delimarsky mentioned he will be pursuing a summer internship with Microsoft.

Microsoft makes all of the tools that Den used available to students at no cost through the DreamSpark program. You will find XNA Game Studio, Visual Studio and all of our developer & designer tools available for download. We also waive the membership and submission fee for students to submit their Xbox games and Windows Phone 7 applications to the marketplace. If you would like to become a Microsoft Student Insider you can learn more about the program here. We recommend you start blogging, Tweeting and creating an online presence as soon as possible to be considered.

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Den talks about his FlickrUploader Windows Phone 7 app



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