First all girls team in the US Imagine Cup Finals

I was excited to see Mary Jo Foley’s post about the All-women's team making the Imagine Cup contest finals  Ashley Myers, Erin “Ed” Donahue and Malisa Vongskul are working on Computer-Assisted Medication Regimen Adherence (CAMRA) and make up team MangoBunnies.  Their project:

CAMRA “discreetly and conveniently supports HIV and AIDS patients by providing a medication regimen directly to their personal mobile device. CAMRA uses an XML Web service to send profile data from the Web site to a patient’s personal mobile device and retrieves information about user history. This application leverages the portability and convenience of mobile devices to turn them into stand-alone healthcare products.”

You can vote for them or your favorite US Team from the Top 15 at the People’s Choice Award.

I’m extremely excited for this year’s US Finals event, which kicks off a week from Saturday in Cambridge, MA.  We have 15 fantastic teams attending and have a pretty exciting event in store for attendees.   Can’t wait!!

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