Microsoft Student Partners: An Interview

Prasid, Paul, Tracy and I run the Microsoft Student Partners Program for the US.  Paul and two of our Microsoft Student Partners were interviewed, here what they have to say over at Chubby Brain.


“Beyond angel investors and venture capital firms, we’ve been actively including the activities and startups emerging out of university entrepreneurship programs whether it be the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute ( or UniSeed ( which is part of The University of Queensland and Melbourne in the Australia.

altTo this end, we are always looking to highlight efforts at Universities that highlight entrepreneurship or that aim to raise awareness of technology and so were glad to recently sit down with Paul Sharer of Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) who manages marketing for MSP.  We also spoke with two students, Josh Bolling and Brian Hendricks, who are participating in MSP to understand the program and some of the projects and activities students are directly involved with.”

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