Microsoft Student Partners Makeover

The Microsoft Student Partners website got a much needed makeover.  Now you can see the profiles of students in your country.  Please note, only a subset of countries have been included in this first release.  Here is one of the MSPs from the US at University of Texas San Anotonio.

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Kevin Messenhimer
San Antonio, Texas, United States of America
School / University
University Of Texas at San Antonio
About Me

Hello everyone! As you can tell, my name is Kevin Messenhimer, and I'm the Microsoft Student Partner for the University of Texas at San Antonio. I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. Computers are my passion. I like to fix, build, program, listen to music, play video games, virtually anything on a computer. I'm a HUGE PC gamer, and a couple of my favorite pc games are Crysis, Fallout 3, and Team Fortress 2. I am very ambitious and love to learn in my free time. Currently, I have five certifications in which include A+, Net+, Security+, Server+ and Linux+. One day I hope I can work for any computer related company that promotes the growth of technology as well as research(Microsoft, HP, IBM, Cisco, etc).

My favorite thing about being a MSP

My favorite thing about being a Microsoft Student Partner will have to be the experience. I mean seriously, aside from the free items to give out to people and the ability to setup cool events, experiencing the interaction and networking within the program tops all of the cool things I have done for the Microsoft Student Partner Program. I am very fortunate to be apart of such a program.

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