Ramping up on the job: Week 1

My first week was little odd because it coincided with my team's annual offsite where we present best practices and talk about our strategy for the fiscal year.  It was both a great week to come back (so convenient to have everything being presented!) and a hard week (traveling the first week and not being able to contribute to the presentations.) 

All said, I was able to get started, but I'm certainly not at the point where I'm a fully contributing member of the team.  I haven't even transitioned back my core programs!

My strategy for ramp-up is to use this blog to write what I know about ramping up.  I will then cross my fingers and hope I can take my own advice.  My plans will be addressed in future posts in more detail, but they are as follows:

  • Work with my peer mentor
  • Meet with all of my coworkers 1:1 to get up to date with their work
  • Identify success in the role (for me, this will mean setting up commitments for the year)
  • Get up to date with team trainings/learning opportunities
  • Transition back projects
  • Find things I can contribute to quickly

I added the "contribute to quickly" bullet because I know I won't be happy if I'm don't feel like I'm contributing enough.  I want to be sure I'm doing something each day beyond just learning.  What else should I do?  🙂

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