IntelliSense for Marathon Application and Group JSON in Visual Studio Code

tl;dr – You can get IntelliSense for Marathon applications and groups in Visual Studio Code by adding a $schema property The Problem I’ve been having quite a lot of fun with Docker Containers recently, including presenting at various conferences! For ease and speed of demoing, I’ve tended to show Docker Swarm (with Docker Compose) when…

PowerShell ISE Theme – Visual Studio Code style

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Visual Studio Code recently, and even doing some PowerShell work in it with posh-dnvm. For posh-dnvm it has been working really nicely: whilst Code doesn’t have PowerShell intellisense, the custom task runner has given me a great workflow with Pester for testing. Right now I find…


Videos of Visual Studio Code

Last week I was out in Seattle and had the pleasure of recording a couple of interviews with the amazing Seth Juarez from the Channel 9 team. The first video is now up on the site where we talked about Visual Studio Code and NodeJS. Head on over to watch it: