posh-HumpCompletion in Azure Cloud Shell

Azure Cloud Shell is an in-browser shell experience that you can launch from the Azure portal or on its own at shell.azure.com. You can choose between bash and PowerShell, and both come with a nice range of installed tools (bash, PowerShell). Oh, and you can also use this inside the Visual Studio Code editor as…


Tweaking your PowerShell profile – Part 1: showing loading progress

Tl;dr In this post we look at adding rotating output at the top of the PowerShell window as shown here: Introduction Recently I realised that PowerShell was taking a while to load on my machine. I’d been adding more and more things to my profile and wanted a way to easily see what was taking…


Posh-HumpCompletion–from the ground up

Earlier this year I spent some time with Seth at Channel 9 and we recorded a couple of videos. I’m a little behind on things, but the first video is now up, and covers building posh-HumpCompletion from scratch. It skips over some of the optimisations, but covers the main functionality.


Persisting Azure PowerShell logins

With the pre-1.0 Azure PowerShell cmdlets, my Azure login credentials were cached. Since making the switch to the 1.x release I’ve found that I need to execute Login-AzureRmAccount each new PowerShell session. This has been bugging me for a while and today I finally foudnm the time to figure out a way round it. I’m…


Working with docker output in PowerShell

Just a quick post today 🙂 These days I find myself working in both PowerShell and bash, and when I’m in PowerShell, I like to have objects that I can work with. With the Azure CLI I can use the –json switch and then use something like jq to process the output, or in PowerShell…


Bringing Hump Completion to PowerShell

It can be fun when ideas from different areas combine! I’ve spent quite a lot of time recently working with Azure Resource Manager templates, and the associated PowerShell cmdlets. There are a lot of these cmdlets and the team has done a great job of giving them logical and descriptive names. The result is that…


Easily checking Azure Resource Manager deployment status from PowerShell

If you’re working with Azure Resource Manager templates on Windows then there’s a strong possibility that you’re using the Azure PowerShell cmdlets to deploy them. Note that if you’re on OSX/Linux you can use the Azure CLI. Oh, and it works on Windows as well! For an Azure CLI version of this post see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/stuartleeks/archive/2015/11/26/easily-checking-azure-resource-manager-deployment-status-from-bash-with-the-azure-cli.aspx…


Posh-AzureCli: Command completion for Azure Cross Platform Command Line in PowerShell

  tl;dr This post discusses adding tab completion to Azure xplat CLI. If you just want to install it, see the notes below. UPDATE 17th December 2015 – Install from PowerShell Gallery Background If you’re working with Azure then you can perform operations via the web portal, use the PowerShell cmdlets, or use the cross…


Finding files in the PATH with PowerShell

Just a quick post this time! I frequently find myself wanting to know where a command in my PATH is. Earlier today it was to work out why DNVM beta4 was being loaded despite installing DNVM beta6. (It was the installation from Visual Studio!). For this I wanted to find out which folder in the…


PowerShell ISE Theme – Visual Studio Code style

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Visual Studio Code recently, and even doing some PowerShell work in it with posh-dnvm. For posh-dnvm it has been working really nicely: whilst Code doesn’t have PowerShell intellisense, the custom task runner has given me a great workflow with Pester for testing. Right now I find…